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Desai Law Firm is dedicated to protecting employee and consumer rights. We have successfully represented individuals in class and group actions, promoting fair compensation and level business practices. Whether it’s a complex personal injury case or a nationwide overtime class action, we have skillfully tested the boundaries of the law. Simple and effective, we strive for clarity and a truly creative approach to litigation where results and imagination matter.


We pride ourselves in taking a leading role in the legal community by filing amicus briefs, speaking at seminars, and writing articles to help educate other lawyers and judges. We also try to inform the public about the important role of the law in our society. We are a unique plaintiff’s firm.

Employee Rights

We focus on wage and hour class and collective actions, including claims for:

  • Unpaid Wages

  • Lost Commissions

  • Meal and Rest Break Violations

  • Failure to Reimburse Expenses

  • Tip Pooling Violations

  • Payroll Violations

  • Wrongful Termination

We have filed and coordinated numerous employment cases in state and federal courts throughout the nation. Our focus is on employee rights and we have aggressively litigated cases on behalf of truck drivers, retail managers, loan officers, loan processors, insurance investigators, pharmaceutical sales agents, gardeners, computer programmers, automobile salespersons, and many others.

Consumer Protection

Laws regulate the way businesses can advertise and sell their products and services. We look to bring cases where products and services do not measure up to the representations. While federal and state agencies are responsible for investigating consumer fraud, they generally do not help individuals recover their losses. That’s where we come in.

Some of the areas we focus upon are:

  • False Claims about Supplement and Health Products

  • Misleading Advertising on Labels

  • Credit Card and Lending Fraud

  • Investment Fraud

  • Warranty Fraud

Personal Injury/Mass Tort

We represent individuals who have been seriously injured. We don’t take many of these cases. However, when we do accept them, we aggressively go after those who are responsible – whether it’s a dangerous drug manufacturer, negligent company, reckless doctor or defective device designer. We also cover all areas of professional malpractice, including medical, nursing home abuse, and legal malpractice. Because we only accept a limited number of these cases, we can devote intense efforts at achieving the best possible results.

Mr. Desai's argument to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 21-55009 Edmond Carmona v. Domino's Pizza, LLC.


Federal and state laws were enacted to promote fair competition. These laws prevent companies from fixing prices or squeezing out the competition with unethical behavior – either directly or indirectly. Consumers are hurt because they have to pay artificially high prices for good and services. We represent small businesses and individuals that are victims of anti-competitive behavior.

Whistleblower Cases

We represent individuals who stand up to corporations who commit fraud against state or federal governments and the IRS. The False Claims Act provides both protection and incentives for uncovering fraud. Whistleblowers who help bring such an action are entitled to recover a percentage of the money obtained through a settlement or verdict, and are legally protected from retaliation. Whether it’s a medical provider cheating Medicare, a pharmaceutical company encouraging “off label” drug sales or a corporation violating securities laws, we can help.

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Mr. Desai's argument to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals