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Aashish Desai

Desai Law Firm is dedicated to protecting employee and consumer rights. We have successfully represented individuals in class and group actions, promoting fair compensation and level business practices. Whether it’s a complex consumer fraud case or a nationwide overtime class action, we have skillfully tested the boundaries of the law. Simple and effective, we strive for clarity and a truly creative approach to litigation where results and imagination matter.

Game-Changing and Disruptive Litigation

  • Tried seven (7) complex cases to verdict, including a bench victory in a federal PAGA action on behalf of 665 truck drivers, leading to a $7 million global settlement and a cover story in the Daily Journal. Aguirre et al. v. Genesis Logistics, et al., 12-CV-00687 (C.D. Cal., 2018).
  • DLF was part of the litigation team that helped bring a record-setting $852 million settlement to a group of women who claimed campus gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall, sexually preyed on them during examinations. Jane Doe v. USC, Case No. BC705677 (LASC March 25, 2021).
  • Argued eight (8) appeals before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and five (5) to the California Court of Appeals.
  • Filed an amicus brief and appeared (but not argued) before the US Supreme Court on whether the outside salesperson exemption under the FLSA applies to pharmaceutical representatives. Christopher v. Smith Kline, 567 U.S. 142 (2012).
  • Argued one of the first cases to establish that piece-rate compensation that does not separately pay for non-productive time violates California law before Bluford. Cardenas v McLane Foodservice, 796 F.Supp.2d 1246 (C.D. Cal. 2011).
  • Co-author of two wage and hour practice manuals: The Fair Labor Standards Act, Kerns (BNA 2013-present); California Wage and Hour Law and Litigation (CEB 2010-present).
  • Co-lead counsel on Adolph v. Uber Technologies Inc., No. S274671 (2022), which was accepted for review by the California Supreme Court to determine PAGA representative standing requirements after Viking River.
  • Wrote a legal novel based upon a PAGA class action that was tried in USDC, Central District: A Class Action, Desai, Aashish Y. (Your Book Angel 2021) (available on Kindle, Audible, and Amazon). See link below.
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